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Leilak Anderson 

Leilak Anderson is a fully insured, certified arborist (#QU0104A). He is the North American Tree-Climbing Champion, and represents Quebec in the international competitive arborist scene. He will be representing Quebec in the World Competition held in Washington DC in August 2017. Click here to learn more about competitive climbing.

Leilak was born with an axe in hand. But really, he learned all he knows from his father, Jeb Anderson, who ran Man with the Axe for 30 years. Leilak was born and raised near Wakefield, QC,  30km north of Ottawa, and continues to care for trees in the Ottawa and National Capital region, including cottage country around the Gatineau Hills.

Using technologically advanced rigging and world-class knowledge, your trees will be cared for by the best tree experts in the region.


Alex Dubien

Alex is a veteran tree-climber, formerly with Hydro One Ontario. He brings leadership, problem-solving, and style to our well-oiled machine of tree experts.

Recently, Alex blew the judges out of the water at the 2015 Quebec Tree-Climbing Championships when he stole gold in the belayed speed climbing event. New to the competitive scene, Alex proved his industry experience among the best climbers in Quebec.

Alex hails from Low, Quebec, and will continue to represent our region in future competitions.



Matthew Craig

Matt is our Swiss army knife: he is an indispensible member of our crew.  A forestry expert, Matt excels in precision felling, dropping a tree on a soda can on a windy dayand can make you a bench out of the fallen tree, on the spot.

In his capacity as our safety supervisor, Matthew takes the safety of our crew members very seriously. With a keen eye for detail, it is Matt who is responsible for our reputation of leaving meticulous working sites. He is currently studying to take his certified arborist exam.

Matthew is a proud representative of Rupert, Quebec, and enjoys long walks in the forest, even on his days off.


Guillaume Heyndrickx is our first draft pick from the Centre de formation horticole de Laval, an education centre that specializes in arboriculture. He has already competed in his first regional tree-climbing competition, where his training and education impressed even veteran tree climbers.

Guillaume has an interest in specialty pruning, such as fruit and exotic species. No doubt, as he comes from the sunny shores of southern France himself.